Nouvelle version du meilleur émulateur CPC. Voici les nombreuses nouveautés :

– Multiface 2 support! After a long absence (since v1.11), the popular add-on for the CPC is finally getting emulated again. See the updated documentation for more details.
– Blank disks can now be inserted into either CPC drive via the Disk menu. The new Disk page in the Options dialog lets you choose the format to use. User defined custom formats can be added to the config file. See the updated documentation for more details.
– More improvements and fixes to the FDC emulation: Last Mission, Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix and Puffy’s Saga now load.
– Implemented the last three missing FDC commands: scan equal, scan low or equal and scan high or equal. CP/M’s Disckit3 tool now works correctly.
– The ‘flip disk’ option now allows access to the alternate side of double sided DSK images.
– The CPC’s printer output can now be captured to file.
– Improved the timing of some Z80 instructions, thanks to Richard Wilson’s excellent PlusTest application.
– Added the option to have the emulation continue to run in the background when switching to other applications or when minimizing Caprice32.
– The palette problems in 256 colour desktop mode have been fixed.
– The documentation has received a major overhaul.

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