Moonlight a sorti une nouvelle version de son player X68K pour Windows:

– Implemented Human68k ESC Sequence handling (font color change/highlight/reverse) for title display.

– Implemented MS-DOS ESC Sequence handling (font color change/highlight/vertical midline/underline/blink/reverse/hide) for title display. Hide is handled as reverse attribution.

– More than 1023bytes of titles caused memory overflow – fixed.

– Full-size space wasn’t regarded as objects of compaction – fixed.

– Rewritten lame title retrieval for FMP/PMD.

– Updated SPC replayer to SNESAPU.DLL Ver0.98.

– Enforced error check of OnlineUpdate.exe, and readjusted messages.

– Now OnlineUpdate.exe outputs work log in case it’s started manually.

– MXDRV related, just for RenderEngineV2.11:

* Now it ignores undefined instrument change.
* Instrument change immediately after tie command (&) wasn’t recognized (eg. @1c&@4c) – fixed.
* Reduced snap noise at instrument change.

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