Bobby vient d’updater UnMAMEd :

[18 Apr ’03]

– Added the testdrivers Racin Force, Run n Gun 2, Soccer Superstars, Tokimeki Memorial, Versus Net Soccer, Winning Spike. Added a link to Kale’s MAME WIP page.

– Added pictures from the MAME WIP page – Birdie King 3, Chak’n Pop, Mach Breakers, Namco Classics 2, Nitroball, Operation Wolf 3, Puckman Pockimon, Rotary Fighter, Salamander 2, Steel Gunner, Shogi 1/2, Tournament Table, and VShoot.

– Added pictures / games from Guru’s page – Area 51 Site 4, Dunk Dream 95/Hoops, Gallop Racer, Heated Barrel, Magical Drop Plus 1, Osman, Pocket Gal DX, Quiz Panikuru Fantasy, Raiden DX, Raiden Fighters, Robo Wres 2001, Stadium Hero 96, Vamp 1/2, V-Goal Soccer, Victorious Nine, World Cup Volley ’95, and X-Files. The rest are games by manufacturers covered by

– Added the VivaNonno pictures for Ridge Racer 2 and Rave Racer.

– Added some misc pictures – BC Kid, Botanic, Cycle Shooting, Danger Express, Joshi Volleyball, Kick Start Wheelie King, Mustache Boy, Pro Monaco GP, Slipstream.

– Added some comments about Namco Super System 22 and updates to Top Roller, Return of Lady Frog, Racin Force, Soccer Superstars, Versus Net Soccer.

Also hey all, don’t forget to check out California Extreme in California in July! I think I’ll finally be able to make it this year after 3 years stuck in Japan!

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