Nouvelle release de cet émulateur ZX Spectrum :

Nouveautés :

FullScreen first attempt (switched with Alt+Enter)
VG93: Improved emulation of TypeI commands
TZX Reader: Support of Block 5A (linked TZX file)
Added optional support of Mouse Wheel (Mouse Options}
Debugger: Border and Paper now updated correctly
Another way to turn on MouseMode – DoubleClick on Screen
On loading SCL files free space on disk checked
Triple buffer sound engine (may be sounds problem solved)

Bugs Corrigés :

TZX Reader: Block of zero length (Flying Shark)
KeyMatrix Algorithm (some keyboard problems)
TZX Reader: Blocks 10&11 (Dynamite Dux reset on loading)
Double Alt-F4 sometime thrown system error
LD A,R/I command reset CF (Sinclair Town 2 crashing)
Too strong mouse port decode (Adventurer #9 mouse fail)
TR-DOS: First IDAM now A1A1FE (Master Copy hang on)

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