Des nouvelles versions des plus avancés des convertisseurs/players de Vidéos et Son PsOne/PS2 sont sortie. La dernière version de PsxMC est toujours shareware, 1200 yens.

Voici les nouveautés, traduites par NGEmu:

PsxMC 3.04 (Shareware):
Fixed the unusually long startup time.
Added function to output MP3 using GOGO.DLL.
Improved error prevention handling when using LibPsr.dll, PsxPub.dll to analyse a CD.
Added media notification to all the plugins.
Added option to select whether ASPI/SPTI is used.
The default folder name of the CD can now be obtained using its volume name.
Improved performance when changing displaying items in the playlist.
Fixed imability to startup in systems using ASPI.

PsxMP 1.02:
Fixed crash when displaying version information
The name of the file being played can now be specified using a parameter.
Added check for multiple instances.
When opening a second player, the filename specified using a parameter for the other player can be transferred to the new player.

PsxMC 2.44 (Freeware):
–Same as PsxMC (Shareware)–

FFX/FFX-2 Voice Stream Plugin 1.01:
Updated the plugin specification.
Removed CDAZ file from the restribution archive.

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