Version Bugfix de ce très bon multi-émulateur Sega, par Steve Snake, avec pour nouveautés :

* Altered the FPS code. The speed should now be much more stable,
as Kega will no longer try and play « catch-up » as rigorously as
* Added Alternate Timing System, selectable from the options menu.
If your sound card is not providing accurate timing, and your
FPS counter is still doing strange things, select this option.
You may notice slight pops / jumps in the sound with this mode,
however, so you really should try different sound drivers first.
* Kega should now work without a sound card 😉
* FPS Counter now only enabled while a game is running.
* Darkfalz reported problems with defining controller buttons, that
apparently only appeared in the last version. This code has not
changed since it was first implemented, and I cannot see how it
could be a problem that only appeared in the last version.
However I have altered the code so that now it will not accept the
same controller button twice in a row. This should eliminate all
such problems.
* Small fix to the SMS/GG VDP emulation. Now Rainbow Islands works
* Added Genesis/MegaDrive Bank Switching code. Super StreetFighter II
should now work.
* All FullScreen issues should now be fixed.
* Game Genie (Genesis/MegaDrive) is now re-implemented.
* Added option to disable sprite limiting on the SMS/GG. Since the
SMS/GG cannot display very many sprites at all per line, there are
some games that flicker rather badly (e.g. Bubble Bobble.) For
these games you can disable the limit. Be aware, however, that
some games may *require* the limiting to work correctly.
* Added option to disable the SMS border colour. I do not understand
why people want this. A real SMS has borders, and – come on –
if most of the screen is blue, doesn’t a blue border look best?
Whatever. This is the most pointless option I’ve ever added 😛
AFAIK Kega is the only emulator that actually bothers to emulate
this – yet people want to take it out. So much for the quest for

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