Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Playstation 2 dont voici les nouveautés:

This version of pcsx is the first that shows ingame progress from 1 game « Sven Goran’s World Manager 2002 ».IT is the first
ps2 emu that reaches ingame 🙂 . Also this version have Deci2 support (usefull only for developers althought) and several
bugs have been fixed. Enjoy 😉

-Added MiltuLingual support( english, Catalan, German, greek, italiano, romanian, spanish)

-FAke BC0 opcodes in cop0
-Trap instructions fixed in interpreter
-Fixed some fpu bugs in interpreter
-Fixed MMI bugs in interpreter
-VIF1 cmd now handles the i bit, still not 100% correct
-VIF1dma now handles ‘from Memory’ transfers
-More Unpack case in vif
-fixed several VIF1 bugs
-VIF0 fixed also

-8 bit DMAS
-mem128 read/write routines
-Implemented latency interrupt thingy
-Fixes to rootcounters
-FIFO fix
-IOPmem fix
-optimaze gs dma

-DECI 2 Protocol !!
-fix some stuff in pcsx2 debugger
-add cpu ops debug in debugger
-Logging to STDOUT added
-add more memory mapping for EE and IOP

-rewrote of HLE code for pads (padman-xpadman). This will solve some pad problems
-rewrote the HLE code for Loadmodule
-New INTC handling in HLE bios
-Implement VSyncSetFlag in HLE bios
-Added memory dummies in mcserv. Now memcards wil be appear as functional.
-sceCDReadIOPm in CDVD HLE
-Added dummy handles for mtapman901/3
-new Threads at BIOS HLE. Still not finished

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