De même, voici une nouvelle version de Virtua NES, un émulateur Nintendo™ (ici en Anglais) dont voici les nouveautés:

-Add an option doing Sleep when uses an option of « Sync drawing ».
Please add « SyncNoSleep=1 » to a [Graphics] section when uses it.
Default off. A frame rate depends on monitor frequency when turns this option into ON.
Note: Please do not use it when can’t select monitor frequency in full-screen with Windows9x(Include Me) series.
-Displayed a key of VRC7 with a NSF player mode.
Note: Display a musical scale of a channel in key-on.

-Correct that FPS and shortcut key processing become too fast when it makes the
number of frame skip increasing between pauses of emulation.
-Correct Mapper83.

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