unMAMEd a été updaté avec les infos relatives a MAME v0.68 :

Removed :

Chacknpop, Salamander 2, Dragoon Might, Vasara, Vasara 2, Cannonball, Kick Start Wheelie King, (Super) Ground Effects, Fire Battle, Rapid Hero, Idol Janshi Shu-chi-pie 2, Quiz Ghost Hunter, Tokoro San 1/2, SD Gundam Neo Battling, Fantasy Land, Galaxy Gunners, Metal Soldier Isaac II, Progress, Birdie King 3, Tricky Doc, Tournament Table, Eggor, Rock Climber, Kung Fu Taikun, Metal Clash, Head Panic, Puckman Pockimon, Operation Wolf 3, Sky Army, Super Doubles Tennis, Egg Venture, Lethal Lustice, Area51/Maxforce, Prebillian, Bwings, Wall Crash, Mighty Pang, J-League Soccer V-shoot, Rotary Fighter, The Deep, Moon Alien, Country Club, Ring Fighter. Also Champion Boxing, Champion Pro Wrestling.

Any others WHATSNEW.TXT missed?

Added / moved to Testdrivers:

Shougi 1/2, Konami’s Open Golf Championship, F1 Grand Prix Star 2, Ultra Weapon X, Joryuu Syougi Kyoushitsu, Hot Rod, Bonanza Bros, Quiz Rouka ni Tattenasai, Thunder Strike, Hot Smash, Raiden 2, Grand Tour, Great Wall, China Dragon, Space Bugger, Main Event (SNK).

Also hey all, don’t forget to check out California Extreme in California in July! I think I’ll finally be able to make it this year after 3 years stuck in Japan!

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