Nouvelle release de cet émulateur Game Boy Advance. Voici les news :

1.2 – May 26th, 2003
> New in this version
+ Added Diff8bitUnfilterwram bios function
+ Added video filters: Bilinear, Blur, Motion Blur and TV Mode
+ Fixed bug in CpuSet bios function
+ Fixed bug occuring when writing BG3_X and BG3_Y
+ Fixed bug in LDM (THUMB)
+ Added various options for bios loading
+ Added « Sincronyze » and « Enable/disable layers » options
+ Fixed various errors in the sprites enabling function
+ Fixed bug in the timers rendering functions
+ Fixed bug in alpha increase/decrease in Mode 3
+ Fixed bugs in power mode
+ Fixed various bugs in Debugger and Memory Viewer

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