L’autre frontend pour M1, bien qu’à mon avis en dessous de BridgeM1, a eu droit à sa mise à jour pour la version 0.7.2 du player de son Arcade de Belmont.
KieferSkunk à rajouté :
By request, you can now view clip numbers in Hexadecimal.
Removed support for Blank Clips. The blank clip detection scheme wasn’t working very well, and with switching to support for BridgeM1’s list-packs (which don’t give information on blank clips), such support would be cumbersome and pointless.
Changed « Show Blank Clips » to « Show All Clips ». This option applies to ROM Browser Mode. When this option is unchecked, only clips that have user-entered names in them will be displayed.
Removed the option to automatically mark clips as blank.
Clips that do not have titles now simply show up with no title, rather than reading « Clip # » (eg. Clip 54).
The Soundclip Browser listbox now resizes automatically depending on whether you’re in ROM or Playlist Mode. In ROM Mode, it is now wider and hides the Playlist manipulation buttons (which are of no use in ROM Mode). This allows for maximum title viewing.
Shored up the logic handling the column widths in the Clip Browser listbox when switching modes.
Removed the « Load Playlist », « Add Playlist » and « Save Playlist » buttons from the Playlist Manager and replaced them with menu items that make more sense in the UI. Other functions have also been implemented in the menu for this dialog.
Temporarily disabled the ability to edit track titles in the main UI. This is because I’m waiting for RB to update the core so FoxM1 can direct it to save track information to the .LST files. (I don’t want to duplicate the work of reading and writing the .LSTs myself.
Dropped support for m1clips.dat, since the core uses .LSTs to load its data.

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