Nouvelle version de Satourne (un émulateur Sega Saturn) dont voici les améliorations:

›› Now you can use the MSVCR70.DLL, which is included in the Satourne Archive
›› CD block ISO plugin v1.0.1
-removed ASPI detection code (forgotten during wild port)
›› SCSP plugin v1.0.1
-added timers support
-fixed a bug in Reset() function
-I’m really sorry Bart, I forgot to mention the fact that I use your very good 68000 emulator, now fixed!
›› SCU no DSP plugin v1.0.1
-fixed a bug in DMA indirect mode:
this fixes die hard (now showing polygons), some backgrounds in decathlete and gouraud shading bugs in nights and burning rangers (gouraud shading tables are now correctly filed)
›› SMPC Dinput plugin vv1.0
›› VDP opengl plugin v1.0.1
-Corrected a bug in color RAM address offset calculation, still incorrect in some cases
-Corrected a bug in VDP2 cell mode (was causing a black zone on the border of planes)
-priority function works better, still far from being perfect…
-added an option to force sprite priority to 6, this makes kof97 and metalslug playable (and perheaps other non tested games), just try it if you don’t see sprites.

Télécharger Satourne v2.0 beta 3 (3,0 Mo)

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