Orkin a posté quelques infos sur une version non releasé du plugin glN64 avec le jeu Zelda OOT :

You’re probably all sick of seeing Zelda OOT shots, but this took some work to pull off, and I’m feeling kinda proud of my accomplishment.

Here’s Zelda OOT on the unreleased version of glN64 using the improved OpenGL 1.4 combiner (which is actually an OpenGL 1.4/Radeon combiner since it’ll detect and use ATI extensions) on my Radeon 9500 Pro. It should look this good on any video card that supports ARB_multitexture with 4 or more texture units, ARB_texture_env_combine, and ARB_texture_env_crossbar. This includes all Radeons from the 8500 up, and possibly others?

Anyway, on to the screenshots. These shots show off some of the more complex combine modes in Zelda OOT, which are now working fine on Radeons:

Le tout accompagné de screenshots :

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