Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Game Boy de Ricky Liu :
– New Features:
* Supported loading of gzipped ROM files.
* Allowed the change in emulation speed: 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and 400%.
* Allowed to select the emulation of Gameboy types: Gameboy, Gameboy
Color and/or Super Gameboy.
* Allowed to select the emulation preference: GBC with SGB border, GBC
over SGB over GB or SGB over GBC over GB. The first option will try to
draw a SGB border while stays in GBC emulation mode.
* Allowed to customize the Gameboy palettes. The customized palettes are
stored in per-game configuration.
– Changes:
* Added more options in the user interface.
– Bugs Fixed:
* Hung when connected uisng the Game Link Cable feature. Fixed.
* Random hung when playing for a few minutes. Fixed.
* Loading new ROMs while in listening mode would crash. Fixed.
* The upper part of border in full screen mode disappeared when back in
game play after showing the menu. Fixed.
* The screen did not adjust when a game was loaded with different border
settings of the current one. Fixed.
* Fixed a crash bug when default border image was changed while no ROM
was loaded.
* The character ‘&’ was displayed incorrectly in the recent file list.
* Removed the ‘mouse dropping’ during LCD was disabled in GB/SGB mode.

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