Voici la version de Mame32 enfin updaté.

Added art tab with only history.dat. If this tab is enabled and history.dat is present history text will no longer appear beneath the screenshot. [Tor Arne Vestbø / Chris Kirmse]
Added option to hide the mouse cursor on launch in full screen on Options • Interface Options. [Tor Arne Vestbø]
Addressed some long standing bugs dealing with icon decimation and windows title bar size, and details/grouped view not holding the column size on return from large icon view post-session restart. [René Single]
Added option to expand Mame32 to full screen kiosk mode without any windows controls [F11]. [Tor Arne Vestbø / Chris Kirmse]
Created new Berzerk homage about.bmp. [John IV]
Reworked drop down for D3D prescale effect, now allowing various levels of sharpness to be used. [Chris Kirmse]
Updated win32ui.c to pull certain information more appropriately out of layout.c. [Nathan Woods/MESS32]
Removed obsoleted version mismatch toggle. [Chris Kirmse]
Added a built in orientation folder view for displaying vertical and horizontal games. [René Single]
Added support for the new cleanstretch options. [Chris Kirmse]
Added ability to map joystick actions in mame32ui.ini to control GUI navigation instead of being hard coded:
Format: joystick_number, stick_type, axis_or_button, direction

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