Une nouvelle version de FreezeSMS est disponible. Je rappel qu’il s’agit d’un très bon émulateur Sega SG-1000/SMS/GG mais Colecovision et NES. Cette version fixe quelques bugs dont un gros qui ralentissait l’émulateur, voici la liste complète :

– Changed Sound mixing to software by default which is usually better for streaming sounds, hopefully fixes slowness bug
– Added RAPID fire support to buttons 1 and 2 for all systems. Enabled in the in-emu Menu.
– Fixed a « Sound Enabling » bug when Fast Forwarding if you had sound off previously
– Added a timer to the windows thread to reduce keyboard/menu lag
– Reduced ram usage of FreezeSMS

Télécharger FreezeSMS 4.6 (1.0 Mo)

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