Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur GameBoy N&B/Color dont voici les améliorations:

* Default color set to black and white for SGB mode.
* Forgot to turn on the dirty rectangle for SGB and GBC. Speed should be increased.
* Changed the file base name to that of the zip file instead of the zipped file. This affected save files, input files, snapshot files, save state files, real time clock files and per-game configuration files. You may need to rename the existing files. Sorry.

Bugs Fixed
* Game Link Cable function broke. Fixed.
* Graphics glitches found and screen flashed for Air Pocket OP. Fixed.
* The color for the word « Blue » should be green in Pocket Monster Blue in SGB mode. Fixed.
* Screen flashed for Dragon Ball Z Goku in SGB mode. Fixed.
* Fixed the speech problem for Tokimeki Memorial in Windows port.
* Fixed the color problem for Bonk’s Revenge and Boku Drakura Kun 3 in SGB mode.
* Fixed the border color problem for Animal Breeder in SGB mode.
* Fixed the keypad reading bug for They Came From Outer Space and Doraemon DX 10 in SGB mode.
* Fixed the border rendering bug for Captain Tsubasa.
* Error messages for save state files accessing in GUI should be shown on the description instead of prompting to screen. Fixed.
* Fixed a dirty rectangle bug (Dr Franken II).
* Screen flashed when loading a ROM with different screen configuration with the current one during startup KiGB with a ROM file. Fixed.
* Length of game title in showing ROM information was shortened. Fixed.

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426,3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440,2 Ko)

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