R. Belmont nous donne des infos sur le développement de MAME & de M1 :

M1: Transplanted Zinc’s H8/3002 CPU core and C352 sound into M1, so I can work on it more easily. Got the Namco Classics (ND-1) sound program to boot, but it’s currently hitting an unimplemented opcode (I fixed one of those early in booting, now there’s another 🙂 Ongoing…

MAME : Put a few hours into a driver for « Bishi Bashi Champ Mini Game Senshuken » (1996, Konami). It’s basically a stripped down MW/GX-based mini-board with some rather unKonami-like features outside of the video hardware. Go figure. It passes the ram/rom test and runs now, but inputs, colors, and the tilemap decoding are all incorrect. Ongoing… (Update: Haze helped with the tile decoding, so I’ll post some very early screens…)

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