On reste dans l’Arcade avec une update concernant le site unMAMEd. Il regroupe l’ensemble des jeux non émulé par MAME ou partiellement (Testdrivers).

[08 July ’03] Updated for MAME 0.71u1.

– Removed Run & Gun because at least one version seems to work.

– Removed Boxer proto, Star Sweep, Magical Spot, Stadium Cross, R2D Tank.

– Moved Rougien, DoDonPachi II, Knights of Valour 2 Plus, Gallop Racer, Beastorizer, Star Gladiator 2, Psychic Force, Super Football Champ, Ray Storm, Fighter’s Impact Ace, Magical Date, G-Darius, G-Darius Ver 2, Tondemo Crisis, and Brave Blade to TESTDRIVERS.

– Added Sonic (MegaPlay / MegaTech) to in MAME w/problems.

– Removed Borderline from Most Wanted. Updated Bonk’s Adventure, Panic Road, Dark Mist, Victorious Nine, Sub Hunter, Strike Bowling, Pit n Run.

– Added Whizz, Zero Team, Syumaizer Robo, and Pinball 421.

– Added pictures for Super Monaco Marlboro, Big Event Golf, Change Lanes, Pit n Run, Strike Bowling, Super Speed Race Jr, Victorious Nine, Whizz.

– Also hey all, don’t forget to check out California Extreme in California in July! I think I’ll finally be able to make it this year after 3 years stuck in Japan!

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