Il faut vous y faire on a le droit a un WIP (Work In Progress) quotidien chez R. Belmont :

M1: Added Guru’s new Winding Heat (Konami, 1996) dump. This board is a bit interesting – it’s more or less System GX with a PowerPC + SHARC replacing the 68020 and custom Konami polygon hardware replacing the sprites. But that’s for MAME 😉

MAME: Cleaned up the GX Type 3 and Type 4 ROM loading, and discovered that these games use the same roz decode as Dadandarn, only with larger maps. Good thing I have a gig of RAM. Both Type 3 games will need a redump – Vs. Net Soccer has bad sound samples and seems to be missing a ROM, and Soccer Superstars the tiles are screwed, so if you have either board, please send it to The Guru. Run and Gun 2 passes the RAM/ROM test and then reboots itself, which tends to indicate the dreaded p-word (protection). I’ll dig in further tomorrow…

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