MAME & MAME32 Plus ! v0.60.0 est un nouveau build non officiel de MAME conçu par BUT, Sword & Emuman. Voici les nouveautées :

– Core Changes
Win UI version uses *.ini files to save settings instead of registery. mame.ini is fully compatible with mamew (-by BUT)
Up-to-date fixes and patches (by Sword)

– Multilingual Support
Localized language pack (supported by gettext Lib 0.11.1)
External font for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese (by Emuman, Japanese font converted from NJ’s NMAME)
Support GUI game list in local language

– Enhanced Video Effects
Support Super Eagle, 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI, Scale 2x effects (from ZSNES, SNES9x, AdvanceMAME. Modified by JahMAME and BUT.)
Support Blur-less stretching and Spurious motion-blur from StretchMAME.

– Enhanced User Interface
Support Windows XP effects (temp. disabled due to bugs) (by Terry)
New icons
Support Titles and Panels image
Transparent in-game UI
Accelerated scrolling for long in-game menu
Added « Driver » column to GUI

– Extra Folders
A catver.ini conversion, including game category info and MAME version info folders (by Trigger & Kamiya)
CPU & SND hardware category folders (by MASH)
CPS1 & CPS2 folders

– Misc
Fully support for MASH MAMEInfo.dat
NeoGeo Enhancement : Support NeoGeo decrypted games, including some home-brewed games, NeoGeo Console mode (with decrypted games fix), Support 300% OverClock, for Strikers 1945 Plus etc.
Some System16 fixes (by MASH)
Added 24000, 48000 sample rate
Integrated zlib 1.14

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