Anciennement connu sous le nom de Super Sleuth, il s’agit d’un bon émulateur de Sega Master System, GameBoy, NES et SuperNES émulant plusieurs types de composants.



Les changements sont:

– [SFC] Added input mapping for NTT Joypad
– [SFC] Updated SETA-DSP (UPD96050)
– [SFC] Updated SCPU Multiply/Division cycle processing
– [SFC] Updated PPU vertical synchronization
– [SFC] Rewrote PPU object rendering code
– [SFC] Updated State information to be cycle relevant
– [SFC] Updated SA1 memory map timing
– [SFC] Reworked SPC700 CPU core
– [SFC] Reworked SA1 and 65816 CPU cores
– [SFC] Updated DMA and H-DMA timing and protocol
– [SFC] Added S-RTC (all four clocks supported)
– [SFC] Added RTC-4513
– [SFC] Added SPC7110 decompression
– [SFC] Added BS-X flash cartridge (all commands supported)
– [SFC] Fixed BS-X mapping
– [SFC] Updated BS ROM detection
– [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2J5B) (Sangokushi III)
– [SFC] Added board (SHVC-BJ5M) (Sangokushi IV)
– [SFC] Added board (SHVC-2A5B) (Sangokushi Senshi)
– [ALL] Updated kindred.db


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