RockNES est un très bon émulateur pour Nintendo NES. A essayer !


– Fixed a bug in triple buffering mode, no more flashing on blitter change.
– Fixed a bug on color style change.
– Fixed a bug setting GUI colors, always use the main palette.

– Fixed a few problems in the GUI dialogs.
– Fixed a yellow vertical scanline in the 4x squared blitter.
– Fixed a glitch displaying status messages during gameplay.
– Fixed PPU clipping and motion blur enable/disable flags in the GUI.
– Triple buffering should set the video flag to fullscreen, fixed.
– Fixed version number in the documentation.

– Major revision of the graphics module and startup.
– Full rewrite of the game screen upscalers.
– Removed 4:3 aspect and pixelated blitters, prior to NTSC aspect ratio (squared).
– Removed the [!] menu from the GUI, general menu rework done.
– Removed frame scanline interpolation/flickering.
– Replaced the RGB color style with a new one.
– Fixed a couple of emulator startup obscure problems.
– Fixed switching to fullscreen/windowed modes.
– Added option to save your custom fullscreen mode.
– Added option to restore all the default settings.
– Motion blur filtering tweaked a bit.
– Fixed CHR ROM bankswitch state on savestate loading. This way, PTB tagged blocks (1 byte) were replaced by PAT tagged blocks (2 bytes long). Old files are still compatible to avoid problems.
– Fixed a bug in the LSR ($20) CPU instruction.
– Fixed « value MOD zero » in the PRG bankswitching system.
– Fixed mapper 25, IRQs should work ok.
– Fixed mapper 227 and adjusted it to work with 600in1 cart.
– Added mapper 90 nametable control enable/disable (mapper 211).
– Added key mapping for turbo buttoms.
– Added a quick fix for bad NSF files (should be bankswtiched).
– Added PRG ROM and CHR ROM CRC32 calculations.
– Changed « Header info » to « File info ».
– Removed mapper 72 due to the bad support and unsupported features.
– Fixed a couple of errors in the documentation (rocknes.txt).
– Moved the iNES header description into a separated file.
– General code rewrites, major cleanups and many cosmetic changes.


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