Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de N64 basé sur PJ64 et qui ajoute le module pour le jeu en réseau: Kaillera.

What’s new on v0.13
– You can use different input plugins for online games.
– Keyboard shorcuts fixed for online games, although i wouldn’t use the fullscreen (Alt + Enter) because most probably it would make you lose connection…
– Now the host (the 1st player) controls the cheats that will be used in the game.
– You can send the chat messages using Ctrl+M while playing.
– The emulator doesn’t crash when the host presses the « Cancel » button, or a player presses the « Leave » button on the kaillera window 🙂

Known issues:
– When open the kaillera window, the following plugins will be loaded:
Jabo’s Direct3D7 1.40 (Jabo_Direct3D7.dll)
Azimer’s Audio v0.30 (Old Driver) (AudioHLE.dll)
– Use of controllers’ plugins (mempak, rumblepak, etc) is not compatible for netplay games.
– Adaptoid’s plugin doesn’t work online, although the adaptoid can be used with Jabo’s plugin.
– The emulator crashes if the kaillera window is closed while an online game is being played 🙁
– Desynchronization may occur (although is not very common), so try ending the emulation and starting the game again if this happens.

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