Il s’agit d’un frontend pour Mednafen avec une interface originale et très complète, en voici quelques caractéristiques:


– Implemented option to choose games library column visibility on a per-system basis (in top-left menu and settings page)
– Added new MedLaunch icon and ‘Loading’ splash-screen
– Fixed default system videoip and x/y scale values
– Changes made on ‘Settings’ tab are now automatically saved in realtime (and the ‘Save Settings’ button has been removed)
– Added a games library right-click option to view/edit the Mednafen launch string before the game runs
– Added (in top-left menu system) an option to Audit the Scraped Data Folder (so that you can determine which folder is for which game regardless of whether that data is currently liked to a game in the games library)
– Modified the ‘Netplay Server Settings’ module to be a datagrid, enabling as many custom servers as needed


Télécharger MedLaunch v0.4.3.0 (16,4 Mo)

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