Nouvelle version pour le meilleur émulateur de GameBoyAdvance, en voici les nouveautés:

Core changes:
– added rewind support (initially disabled)
– added support for slowdown codes
– added emulation of sprite priority bug (thanks PokemonHacker)
– added simple emulation for BIOS call 0x2a
– added enhanced save type detection option (default)
– added DMA hack for an obscure case
– improved loading speed
– fixed sleep/stop state support
– fixed bug caused by rendering optimizations
– fixed crash while debugging startup routines
– fixed DMA emulation
– fixed priority between OBJ Window and regular windows
– fixed thumb disassembly bug
– fixed sound envelope bug when set to 0 to mute sound (thanks PokemonHacker)
– fixed CpuFastSet/CpuSet bugs (thanks PokemonHacker)
– fixed warning message when using AGBPrint
– fixed DMA timings

– added movie recording/playback (joypad movement recording)
– added support for automatic SGB border display
– added option to auto hide menu in full screen mode
– added rewind support
– added bug report menu to provide needed information for solving problems
– added FAQ optin to take to the VBA website FAQ
– menu toggle can now have a customizable accelerator instead of ESC
– fixed bug on GBA cheats showing the wrong enable state (checkbox was ok)
– fixed bug enabling/disabling BG layers (introduced in version 1.5.1)
– fixed export settings to also export viewers settings
– fixed bug saving keyboard settings in INI file
– fixed map viewer click address in some cases
– fixed map viewer rendering for 512×512 screens
– fixed tile viewer click address and tile number in 256 color mode
– allow customize to run in fullscreen mode (exception of 320×240 mode)

SDL versions:
– added support to turn sound off and change channel enable
– added support for automatic SGB border display
– added rewind support (CTRL+B)
– fixed bug enabling/disabling BG layers (introduced in version 1.5.1)
– fixed typo on pause-when-inactive option which made it not recognized

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta 3 / 1.8.0 SVN (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance-H (25/10/2004) (562,8 Ko)

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (Dev) (600,6 Ko)

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