Nouvelle version d’un des meilleurs émulateurs Snes (avec Zsnes) :

– Win32 controllers now stay the same between games (MKendora)
– Win 32 Open ROM dialog fixes (MKendora)
– Win32 Display dialog fixes (funkyass)
– Win32 OpenGL ratio tweaking. (Reduces the gray line) (kode54)
– Fixed Win32 superscope for those having issues (MKendora)
– Generic accuracy fix in main Superscope emulation (MKendora)
– sprite bug fixed (gah! How’d we miss that) (anomie)
– SPC saving compatibility fix (Caz and zones)
– Window clipping update (anomie)
– Mode 7 clipping fix (TRAC)
– latching fix (anomie)
– BS BIOS checksum and mapping fix (MKendora)
– Working Uniracers hack (dma.cpp) (anomie)
– HDMA Indirect Address fix for Romancing Saga 2 (anomie)
– Better savestate hack, does it break anything? (anomie)
– C4 C core fixes. Mostly Trapezoid (thanks Nach),
some s/short/int16/, some indentation. (anomie)
– Damn, but the indentation in ppu.cpp was screwed up.
Killed some dead code too (twas commented forevermore). (anomie)
– fixed a potential crash in S-DD1 logging (MKendora)
– Improved accuracy of Hi/LoROM detection (~500 ROM test) (MKendora)
– Hack for Moryou Senki Madara 2, don’t call
SelectTileRenderer from DrawOBJS if BGMode is 5 or 6. A
real fix requires at least rewriting SelectTileRenderer,
or inlining a special version in DrawOBJS. (anomie)
– DMA traces: add additional address info to reads too. (anomie)
– Killed the old Borland Joypad dialog (funkyass)
– Fixed issues with Dezaemon and CT, maybe others (anomie, MKendora)
– Changed the internal snapshot key from to VK_F12 (funkyass)
Fixes issues with non-US keyboard layouts.
– Fixed OAM reset to not occur during forced blank. (anomie)
– Killed some dead OAM reset code that doesn’t need saving. (anomie)
– Unix/X11: Fixed screen jumping. CT enables overscan mid-
frame for only one frame, and we now update the rendered
screen height accordingly. Other ports are still broken. (anomie)
– Unix/X11: Fixed possible TV mode crash. (anomie)
– Fixed OAM reset timing (beginning of V-Blank rather than
end) for R-TYPE 3 (J). (anomie)
– Unix/X11: Fixed OpenGL target (PBortas)
– Unix/OSS: Fixed big endian sound (PBortas/ernstp)
– Tweaked the About Dialog so its read-only and no scroll (funkyass)

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