DSP est un émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum mais aussi Amstrad CPC, Arcade, NES, SMS, GameBoy, Coleco Vision, Chip8/Super Chip8… développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K et des jeux d’arcades comme Phoenix, BombJack ou encore Ghost’n’Goblins. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi+Lazarus+Free Pascal.

– Lazarus
.Fixed stereo sound
.Improved audio synchronization
.Added final screen independent flip X or flip Y
.Improved scrolling by independent rows and / or columns
Improved zoom sprites (no more graps)
– Deco BAC06
.Converted to classes
.Fixed bugs and more speed
– Deco 16IC: Converted to classes
+K051960, K05324x: Optimized sprites rendering
.Support of two simultaneous audio chips
.Fixed stereo support
+K053260: Fixed stereo support
.Corrected registers, mapped in memory
.Added more opcodes
Deco 0 HW
– Driver optimizations
– Added dipswitches
– Baddudes: Added i8751, protection patches removed
Caveman Ninja HW
– Fixed raster interrupts
– Robocop 2: Fixed video
– Fixed sprites
– Optimized driver
– Added dipswitches
Gradius III
– Changed sound to stereo
– Changed sound to stereo
– Changed sound to stereo
– Fixed audio (converted to stereo)
– Fixed video (missing k051316 zoom/rotate)
– Added controls
– Added dipswitches
Gauntlet HW
– Basic driver
– Added driver with sound, only missing ADPCM


Télécharger DSP (x86) v0.18 WIP (1.2 Mo)

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