Nouvelle version de l’émulateur Game Cube avec un premier support du Freeloader , voici les autres améliorations :

– added some FPU opcodes, FreeLoader should work.
– debugger callstack was fixed (bug since 0.05)
– debugger now can save output to text file, for further explorations
– slight workaround on disassembler.
– decrementer exception emulation (now async only)
– strongly optimized RLWINMX etc opcodes, cleaned loadstore.c
– gchip8 now works, after some tricks with VI-renderer (changed BIAS)
– fixed bug in PAD-plugin, when you always need to open Setup Controller 2, to make it work.
– Gekko-plugin seems to contain most of usual integer opcodes, so almost all simple demos should work fine. FPU still not completed / untested.
– speed still measured by seconds per frame, on my old P166MMX 🙂
shorter : FreeLoader and GChip8 are works.

Télécharger Fish N Chips 2.1.5 (40,6 Ko)

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