Anciennement connu sous le nom de « FreeMSX » ce projet émule les MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, & Turbo-R. Son interface graphique est bien pensé et sa compatibilité légèrement inférieur a celle de fMSX.

– Improved Epson printer emulation. Chakkari Copy can now print on emulated Epson JP-80 and SP-80 printers.
– SRAM of « Koei » and « ASCII/8k » cartridges was not saved in SaveState file.
– Added « Hydlide 2 » ROM-type and ROM-database entry.
– Internal build error in V0.81 may have caused load-errors of resource libraries (e.g. Spanish translation).
– Missing Control-Panel label in Chinese translation.
– Minor updates in Help (Error-codes, CALL BC)
– MSX Control-Panel activation mistakenly paused RuMSX if « Save CPU » option was enabled.
– Added « Printer form feed » command in menu, to flush pending print-pages without need to change the printer or close RuMSX.
– Added PI-40 (color)printer emulation for use with « Game Master » and « Chakkari Copy ».
– Improved rendering-speed of printed PDF documents.
Note: « Microsoft Print to PDF » should prefered to « FreePDF », because FreePDF reports a too small printing area (this is why pages are printed smaller than on real printers).
– Fixed MSX2+ SoftBoot (includes unpatch of MSX2PEXT.ROM)
– Fixed help for « Chakkari Copy » CALL statements: BPRINT, PAUSE, SCHANGE
– Added exclusive command-line parameters BoostCount and BoostSeconds to temporary boost the MSX startup process.
Examples: /BoostSeconds:5 or /BoostCount:250
– Added documentation of MSX TAPE I/O, thanks to Jose Manuel
– Bugfixes and improvements in « MSX-host demo.dsk »
– Improved MSX-HOST interface:
– Interface version 1.1 now supports profiling and shutdown.
– Full featuring ROM is the MSX-HOST.ROM version 1.2
See « Interface-ROM for the host operating-system » in Help for more information.
– Known issue: Hires-timer is not 100% exact


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