Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur NES, en voici les améliorations:

– Added support for file associations (preferences dialog).
– Added an option to select between single and multiple application instances (preferences dialog).
– Fixed a bug that caused the key mapping for a second joystick device to be reset every time Nestopia was restarted.
– Changed so that all Game Genie codes are saved on exit.
– Moved most of the on-screen-messages into the resource string table to make life easier for people making translation patches.
– Updated the rom database. Thanks again to [yang] for the new compilation.
– Fixed so that ns1..ns9 (save slots) files will show up when browsing files.
– Added command line parameter support.
– Added a status bar (menu).
– Added an FPS counter (menu).
– Added an option to force the window on top (menu).
– Added an option to disable the performance counter timer (timer dialog).
– Added an option to disable configuration saving on exit (preferences dialog).
– Added some more shortcut keys to the menu.
– Better multitasking.
– Added automatic thread priority control (preferences dialog).
– Changed so that even a totally screwed up iNes file header may pass thru the loader if the file can be found in the database.
– Improved the timers.
– Made new icons.
– Many bug fixes.

NB: Dans le même temp, Tradu-France a traduit l’émulateur en Français.

Télécharger Nessie 1.02 (210,2 Ko)

Télécharger Crazy Chip (ASM) 8.0.2 (16,7 Ko)

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