Il s’agit d’un frontend pour Mednafen avec une interface originale et très complète, en voici quelques caractéristiques:


(Compatibility) – Implemented changes for the upcoming mednafen release
(UI Change) – Removed the collapsable panels within Configs, Settings & Controls (as they were pretty pointless)
(UI Change) – Configs, Settings & Controls panes now stack horizontally but scroll vertically (so the middle mouse button can be used to scroll the pane up and down)
(BugFix) – Added some download timeout error handling
(Enhancement) – Games library sidebar width is now resizable (by clicking and dragging the edge). Selected size persists across sessions
(Enhancement) – ToolTips (text and image) now stay open until user moves the mouse away
(Enhancement) – Background image can now be changed to one of your choosing. You can also set the image opacity and whether it is tiled or not
(BugFix) – Fonts are no longer blurry


Télécharger MedLaunch v0.5.8.0 (27,1 Mo)

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