Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Commodore C16 Plus4, en voici les nouveautés:

-frame « sparkle » emulation
-drive LED indicator on the status bar
-reorganised, more informative status bar
-initial write support in 1551/CPU drive emulation (D64 will not be updated, yet!)
-option to enable/disable drive unit 9 (as IEC only)
-DMA index reload on non-bad lines fixed
-timer 1 latch reload bug fixed (all known timer-based defenders work!)
-pixel clock on border area fixed
-border area is again 2×4 characters wide (as seen on a 1084S monitor)
-occasional keyboard scan problem in 16 KB memory mode fixed
-serial port emulation bug fixed
-1541 drive VIA1 IRQ acknowledge bug fixed
-read/write timing of some illegal opcodes fixed
-illegal opcode SBX set the carry flag incorrectly
-removed drive LED indicator from scroll lock LED (stability problems)

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