Le premier émulateur de Sega Model 3 créé par Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde et Stefano Teso dans sa version de développement (voir ici) [source].


Wii version


supermodel_incorrectSupermodel (incorrect)


supermodel_vertexSupermodel with fixed shading

Les changements:
svn 637
– Fixed a bug in MCRFS instruction related to the VXSOFT, VXSQRT, and VXCVI bits. Thanks to Spindizzi.
svn 636
– Finish fixed shading for 2.0 hardware. I’m pretty sure it actually works identically to step 1.5 hardware. The oddball is LA machine guns where the viewport ambient doesn’t seem to effect the brightness. But the ambient works differently in this game because it uses the unclamped light model. Still need to investigate if the diffuse factor effects fixed shading.
svn 635
– With fixed shading, when lighting is disabled, fixed shading appears to be a flat shaded version based upon the poly colour, instead of per vertex attributes.
svn 634
– Pad struct and align on 4 byte boundary.
svn 633
– simplify
svn 632
– fixed shading doesn’t effect the alpha channel
svn 631
– Fixed shading (per vertex poly colours) on step 1.5 hardware have the viewport ambient value added to them. This fixes various shading on scud. To do this had to switch the maths to the vertex shader.


test et test32:
– correction des musiques dans sega rally 2 (mix)
– correction musique 1er niveau 2joueurs (la cave rouge) dans vf3 (pas sûr de la modif, et donc cela peut éventuellement entrainer d’autre problèmes sonore sur d’autre jeux).

Les fichiers sont compilés par spindizzi et/ou KOF2112, merci à eux.


Télécharger SuperModel (WIP) v0.3a r735 (2,5 Mo)

Télécharger SuperModel WIP (XP) v0.3a r735 (665,1 Ko)

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