Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur basé sur Atari800 v1.3.1 & Atari800Win, cette version « PLus » est plus aboutit. En voici les nouveautés:

1) Cycle-exact emulation upgrade by Perry McFarlane!Fixed display bugs in « Master of the Lamps », « Mail Order Monsters » etc. Cycle-exact changes to colours, GTIA modes, player horizontal positions, player graphics, even cycle-exact GTIA11_DELAY (« Demonic Laughter »). Improved handling of DMACTL changes in the middle of a scanline (« Decathlon », « Mail Order Monsters »). Emulation of a DMACTL width change bug.

2) New high-quality POKEY sound emulation by Michael Borisov!You may still choose the old sound engine by Ron Fries – use Sound Quality in the Sound Options dialog box.

3) H: emulation enhancements by Mark Grebe!Full support for the standard Atari DOS functions: Rename, Delete, Lock, Unlock, Note, Point, and Open for Update. Full support for subdirectories: CREDIR, RMDIR, CWD, ?DIR work in SpartaDos and BW-DOS (‘>’ and ‘>>’ are used as directory separators). Changed the directory listing to look like the standard Atari DOS 2.0 listing (the sector count is based on 256-byte sectors). Support for the binary load commands.

4) Fixed MultiJoy and PORTB (« Road Race » works in XL/XE mode – didn’t in 3.1).

5) Fixed Atari 5200 crash after pressing SHIFT and * in « Super Pacman ».

6) Swapped GTIA and CTIA artifacting modes, because they were swapped by mistake in version 2.6b.

7) New cartridge type: Switchable XEGS 1 MB.

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