Nouvelle version de Virtual Jaguar SDL réalisé par l’équipe du même nom.

En voici les améliorations:

* Added support for gzipped ROM files. [Adam Green]
* Added OpenGL support. Because of this, aspect ratios in the various
graphic modes should be correct now. Thanks goes to Niels for enlightenment
in this area. 🙂 [Shamus]
* Moved all platform specific video code to video.cpp. This should make it
easier to add functionality to the video subsystem without having to chase
code around in places where it didn’t belong. [Shamus]
* Key bindings are now customizable. [Shamus]
* VJ now uses a config file (vj.cfg) for commonly used settings. Settings in
the config file can still be overridden by command line switches. [Shamus]
* Preliminary GUI mouse support. [Shamus]
* Fixed an off-by-one bug in the Object Processor when dealing with scaled
bitmap objects. [Shamus]
* Fully virtualized screen size. What this means is that we can keep the
Jagaur screen displayed in a convenient size (320 x 240) and the graphics
that various ROMs display will now be properly centered (more or less, they
were really centered for a TV display). [Shamus]
* Border color is now displayed properly. [Shamus]
* Fully pipelined DSP core. Because of this, Wolfenstein 3D now has sound. To
use the old core, use the -nopipeline switch. [Shamus]

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