Atari++ est un émulateur tournant sous Linux et supportant 8 systèmes Atari : Atari 400/800, Atari 400XL, 800XL, 130XE & la console de jeu VCS5200. un build en version Alpha est maintenant disponible sous Windows. Elle inclue la librairie SDL.

En voici les améliorations:

– The console key « keypress generator » is now a bit more
conservative and tries to avoid faked key events for
warm starts.
– The analog joystick interface and its SDL counterpart
support now up to 16 buttons.
– The binary loader analyses and checks now the images
before loading them into the emulator. This test is
now also able to perform some simple repair algorithms
on the images for typical failure cases.
– The H: device supports now the XIO 41 « binary load »
command using some higher trickery. This emulation
should be compatible to some auto-loaders, e.g.
– Fixed another bug in the pattern matching code of the
H: device.
– Added open mode modifiers for the H: handler similar to
those supported by Dos 2.XL:
/A: Open in append mode,
/D: Open for directory,
/N: Do not run programs.
– Default for win32 architecture frontend is now the
window’d mode, full screen can be enabled by the user
in the full configuration menu.
– Added emulation of the 1200XL and its 1200ROM. This
ROM requires special threadment due to an Os bug.
– Fixed gameport search for multiple joysticks.

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