Il s’agit d’un fichier DAT tenu par MASH regroupant toutes les infos du site « ». Il donne des infos sur l’émulation des jeux sous MAME, c’est a dire le développement, les bugs, les améliorations…
En voici les nouveautés:

– New games: Porky, Driving Force, Big Bucks, Embargo
– New clones: 8 Ball Action (Pacman Kit), PuzzLoop (USA)
– Add wrappers for handling MAME configuration files (config.c)
– Further ST-V improvements and made various SH2 fixes
– Changed Frogs to use a 3 way joystick
– Added Paddle support to Pop ‘n Bounce
– Fixed some problems with defaults in inptport.c
– Fixed crash in Nostradamus and original Mustang set
– Remapped some of the midtunit/midwunit/midyunit.c buttons to match the real board inputs
– Fixed SegaPCM sound
– Improvements to the KonamiGX type1 games.
– Mame now recognises off-screen shots with the Act-Labs gun
– Remove light gun inputs from the non-gun PlayChoice-10 games
– New TESTDRIVER: Competition Golf Final Round, (Medal) Yumefuda

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