Ootake est un émulateur PC-Engine en provenance du Japon et basé sur PC2E, tournant sous Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 et 10. Il nécessite Direct X v9.0c au minimum.


– The access time when setting CD access to low speed (unchecking « CD-ROM->
Fast CD » menu) approached the actual machine speed more.
– On the title screen of « Super Darius », pressing [Down]+[RUN] button of
Controller-1 will activate « 26 Times Boss Fight mode ». * The command of
the original is « [Down]+[SELECT]+[RUN] of controller-1 while pressing [Up]
+[I]+[RUN] of controller-2 ». Ootake is responsible for pressing
controller-2 and [SELECT] button.
– In « Super Darius », at the time of start, at the time of boss appearance,
game over, ending etc., the timing of playing CD-DA sound has been brought
closer to that of the real machine.
– When the boss of « Super Darius » appeared, the time from when the siren
rang to when the boss appeared became the same time as the actual machine.
(Adjusted CD-ROM access time)
– In « the Manhole », fixed the problem that the game stopped when you played
with a fast CD access PC environment. (At rabbit room etc.)
– The timing of playing CD-DA sound has been brought closer to that of the
real machine. In « Steam Hearts », solved the problem that BGM’s utterance
was delayed when PAUSE was released during the game.
– When « Sotsugyou II » is started, the 6-button pad is connected
– When « Super Real Mahjong P2&3 », « Super Real Mahjong P5 », « Mahjong Sword »,
and « Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna 2 » is started, the 6-button pad is not
connected. * Because it seems that there are more people that 2-button
pad setting are easier to operate.
– When « Dennou Tenshi » is started, the PCE-mouse is connected automatically.
– « Brandish », « Princess Maker 2 », « Super Real Mahjong P2&3 », and « Bishoujo
Senshi Sailor Moon Collection » is started, « Memory Base 128 (Save Kun) »
will be removed. * for saving quickly
– « Flash Hiders », « Private Eyedol », « Vasteel II », « Eikan ha Kimini », and
« Formation Soccer ’95 » is started, The Arcade Card will be invalid.
* Long reading will be counterproductive. In the case of Ootake, access is
fast, so even if it is invalid it is about as fast.
– In some games, when the CD-DA sound is playing, the problem that « display
of CD access » was intense was solved. (Access to the subchannel area is
– With some Windows 10 environments, when « Audio-> XAudio2 » menu had been
selected, the problem that Ootake crashed (problem of XAudio2) was
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.


Télécharger Ootake (2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10) v2.85 (1,2 Mo)

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