Pinmame est un émulateur basé sur les sources de Mame, il émule les roms des Flippers, les fonctions et l’affichage digital (quand celui-ci existe). Associé a Visual Pinball, ceci permet de jouer au Flipper tout en ayant l’affichage digital réel du Flipper.

Visual PinMAME:
– Updated Visual PinMAME to 1.30 release of PinMAME Source Code.
– Please see « whatsnew.txt » for PinMAME version 1.30 enhancements!
– Fixed the bug in the VPM-Setup-Program where the « Test » feature crashed under w9x
– Default synclevel is now 0 since many people are getting newer faster computers.
– Rom Aliasing: Older romset names will internally be converted to new romset names for backward compatibility

– Implemented memory protection in wpc games.
– Fixed rom write problems in wms soundboards.
– Fixed bug with System 7 games (e.g. Black Knight sound now works)
– Fixed bug in .Solenoid() with solenoid 33-36 on wpc games.
[Martin Adrian]
– Adjusted default volume levels for pre-DCS games to match my own machines levels (ex: drums were way too soft before)
– Corrected reversed comma and period in WPC Alphanumeric games
– Fixed (with an ugly hack) WPC Pre-DCS games that have pitch too low when music not playing
(This was probably one of the longest/oldest bugs ever, as it’s been there since day 1 of the original wpcmame emulator)
[Steve Ellenoff]
– Adjusted Taito sound speed
[Tom Haukap]
– Corrected Taito speech support (still does not sound like a Votrax SC01 though)
– Sound support for some older Zaccaria and GamePlan games (added SN76477 support)
– Switch debuffering bug fixed on old Zaccaria games
– Dip switch settings are stored in VPM on old Atari games now
[Gerrit Volkenborn]
– And MORE

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

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