R.Belmont a updaté sa page wip avec les dernières infos concernant M1, un des meilleurs émulateur sonores existant:

Squished some bugs:
* Various SegaPCM bugs, fixed by OG’s rewrite
* Some CPS-1 games only played one song
* Raiga/Strato Fighter: voices were missing
* Ninjawarriors/Darius 2: weird stereo due to weird cabinet. « Fixed » by making mono. Don’t complain or I’ll put it back how it was
* Namco Systems 2 + 21: FM not loud enough, CPU clock was too slow
* Neo Geo (esp. Magical Drop 2): PSG volume not high enough vs. FM+PCM
* Chase HQ: PCM was missing
* MX5000 FM/PCM balance off (no OST found, made like MAME)
* Task Force Harrier: FM/PCM balance off (no OST found, made like MAME)
* Bubble System/GX400: K005289 was too loud vs. PSG
* M72 and related games were missing samples

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