Voici la dernière version en date de ce plugin graphique fait pour les émulateurs de Nintendo64 (Project64, 1964…) et destiné aux cartes type 3DFX, en voici les améliorations:

– Frame buffer emulation. Not complete yet. Some games work nearly perfect with it (e.g. all known frame-buffer effects in Legend of Zelda, The Majora’s Mask are working, including motion blur and transition between days effects), some does not work at all. Check the compatibility list for details. Check tooltips in the configuration dialog to learn more about frame buffer options.
– Added ExtendedPlay’s Banshee hack. It works automatically for cards with one TMU (voodoo1, banshee, eVoodoo).
– Raziels’ ini file with custom games settings is now default ini. You may set custom games settings off in the configurtion dialog.
– Added new hotkeys. Read tooltips in the configuration dialog for details.
– Various fixes. Fixed Monter Truck Madness 64, Magical Tetris Challenge, Worms Armaggedon, may be something else.
– Federelli’s Nemu64 ini, special edition for Glide64.

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