Un émulateur de GameBoy N&B et color, Super GameBoy et GameBoy Advance créé par Mudlord (avec l’aide de Nach, Squall Leonhart, Spacy, DJRobX, Jonas Quinn) et basé sur VBA de Forgotten et de la « VBA development team ». Le but est de réunir un maximum d’améliorations en provenance des autres builds de VBA. Un build MacOS est également disponible.


sans problème XD (ok je sors ^^)

Les changements:

– initial installer script
– gitter.im badge in readme
– 32bit cross compiling support on 64bit linux
– added support for GNUInstallDirs to cmake
– Include new translations from transifex
– Added WxWidgets ABI compiler check
– Add linux Joystick reference to issue template
– Add #include fir std::cell()

– Fix 2xSaImmx.asm linking issue
– cmake: default to ENABLE_ASM_CORE=OFF
– libretro merging from upstream libretro fork.
– better fix for clipped video in GL Fullscreen.
– Fix flibc crash: add log message on fopen failure
– fix gameboy header-detection in libretro interface
– hotfix for potential buffer-overflow
– delete memory in common/array.h on destruction
– SDL: improve error msg for unwritable config
– SDL: fix deflt bat saving, improve dir checking
– fix portability issue with strerror_r()
– Windows doesn’t have sterror_r
– wx/wxvbam: fix GetAbsolutePath
– fix a memory leak due to wrong syntax
– regenerate translation files
– fix errors reported by SUSE’s post build linter
– SUSE Lint: fix a few classes of warnings
– let cmake escape -D preproc. definitions
– fix memory viewer xrc on wx 3.1+
– Improving README
– SoundSDL: lock conditional code cleanup
– remove the default F11 keybinding for save state
– hopefully fix resize artifacts on game panel
– soundSDL: write silence when paused
– cleanup SoundSDL #139 #130 #97 #67 #65 #46 #47
– document how to provice symbolic backtraces
– « no throttle » fixes/cleanup
– only use -mtune=generic on x86/amd64
– installdeps: use -j$(nproc) not -j8 in info
– use -fabi-version=2 for GCC turn off LTO
– installdeps: minor refactoring/cleanup
– improve Wx GCC ABI check
– minor improvements for Wx Compile tests
– fix wx ABI check for Win32/MinGW
– installdeps: fedora fixes, including m32
– cmake: wx and cross compiling fixes
– restore wx 2.7 compat, improve string processing
– rename CMakeScripts/ to cmake/
– work around gcc lto wrappers bug with gcc 7.x
– update README.md
– remove doctoc title from README.md TOC
– improve win32 dependencies git submodule handling
– use num cpu cores to parallelize LTO link with gcc
– fix huge app icon in Win volume settings
– fix deadlock in SoundSDL:deinit()
– added executable extension for sdl binary
– default LTO to off on 64bit MinGW
– minor code cleanup
– deps: dont check result of apt-get update
– read version and subversion info from Git
– fix error and version info in shallow git clones
– refactor/cleanup GitTagVersion.cmake
– Cairo Renderer: it never performed well to begin with


Version exclusivement disponible pour Windows 7 et supérieur.
(ancienne version compatible XP disponible ici)
NB: Cette version n’est plus compatible avec le pack pack de plugins graphique de Kega (qui ne reste compatible qu’avec l’ancienne version 2.0 beta 2 build non Wx).


Télécharger VisualBoyAdvance-M v2.1.0 (12,7 Mo)

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