Madrigal CD Collection regroupe spécifiquement la totalité des simulateurs de Madrigal. Ce set est en complément au « Handheld Remakes (Simulators) » afin de respecter le nom d’origine des simulateurs de Madrigal.
During the past five months, I upgraded all of my games (59) by adding numerous features that had been requested by many users over the years. I have always wanted to add those features but never really found the time and the willingness to commit myself in such an extensive « makeover » of my games.
But then in the end, I made my decision and added the following new features to all games:

Fullscreen mode (default). The old « shaped game » mode is still available as an option.
Wallpaper/backdrop with logo/watermark. They can both be customised by the user, and replaced with others.
Skins system. All of the game graphics and instruction manuals can be replaced to suit the player’s needs. Explanations how to generate skins are provided with each game. Suitable for players that use small or huge monitors, so that they can use small or big graphics. Or they can replace the characters, (imagine playing Donkey Kong with Luigi, or Sonic!), backgrounds, make graphics lighter or darker, etc. Everything is now possible!
On-screen menu available when game works in fullscreen mode.
Key configurator added to all games
Touch-screen compatible. All games can be operated fully via keyboard, or mouse and touch screen.
Button overlays, needed to play the games via mouse or touch-screen, can be enabled/disabled at will.
Graphics improved and upgraded to all games.
« VFD glow » effect added to all VFD-screen games, making the gaming experience ultra realistic!
Sound effects volume normalised to all games.
Fully configurable by editing the included .ini file
The games have been tested over the past months by users of the wonderful Hyperspin community, under a « private beta testing » scheme. Now the time has come for the OPEN BETA phase!
Over the next 30 days (that is, until 16th November 2017) you will be given the opportunity to download and try the beta versions of all games. After this period, all games will be fixed, tweaked, updated and lastly released as « final versions ».
Simply head to the usual downloads page and download the complete games package (CD Collection Beta) or the 59 standalone games (beta versions). Then send me an email with your bug reports, comments, or requests for changes before the deadline – being 16th November 2017.
I look forward to receiving your comments!
Please be informed that, as soon as the final versions of the games are released (by say mid December 2017), the new games will also be made available for RetroArch – thanks to the work of incredibly talented Brazillian programmer Andre Leiradella. RetroArch is part of the LibRetro project and works on Android, Apple, Windows, PS3, PSVita, Wii, WiiU, 3DS and many more popular platforms.
Following the release of the Retroarch versions, my new friend HCF-Retrocoder will also publish the new games under this MADrigalX and MADrigalPSP that allow the games to run on Xbox and Sony PSP!
And hopefully, Kyland Kainbryce (author of the porting to NES Mini) will have some time to also upgrade his package with the new games!
Then a new surprise game will be released on Christmas, so stay tuned!

Standalone games (all Standard 5 beta versions)
Bandai Electronics
– 1x LCD Game Digital: Las Vegas
– 1x LSI Game Double Play: Penguin Land
– 1x LCD tabletop: Donkey Kong Junior
– 1x VFD tabletop: Donkey Kong
– 3x LCD: Explorers of Space, Fowling, Frog Boaster
– 1x VFD tabletop: Galaxy II
– 3x LCD Card Game: Donkey Angler, Tom & Jerry Popper, Towering Rescue
Mattel Electronics
– 1x LCD: Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game
– 2x LED: Armor Battle, Sub Chase
– 5x Wide Screen: Egg, Mickey Mouse, Parachute, Snoopy Tennis, Turtle Bridge
– 4x Multi Screen: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II, Lifeboat, Mario Bros.
– 5x Panorama Screen: Donkey Kong Circus, Donkey Kong Jr, Mickey Mouse, Mario’s Bombs Away, Snoopy
– 2x Tabletop: Donkey Kong Jr, Snoopy
– 1x LCD: Motor Cross
– 2x VFD tabletop: Pac Man, Tron
– 8x Classic Time & Fun: Banana, Condor, Escape, Monkey, Pancake, Pirate, Safari, Sleep Walker
– 5x Mini Time & Fun: Bomb Fight, Caccia al Ladro, Cessate il Fuoco, Hippo Teeth, Hot Line
– 4x Explorer Time & Fun: Baseball, Defendo, Engine Room, Roller Coaster
– 3x Sporty Time & Fun: Hippo Teeth, Hot Line, Tennis Menace
– 2x Arcade Time & Fun: Chicky Woggy, Monkey Jump
– 3x Electronic Tini-Arcade: Chicky Woggy, Crazy Chewy, Wild Man Jump
unknown manufacturer
– 1x Game & Time: Grab Man
ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20170522 [59.28]



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