DSP est un émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum mais aussi Amstrad CPC, Arcade, NES, SMS, GameBoy, Coleco Vision, Chip8/Super Chip8… développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K et des jeux d’arcades comme Phoenix, BombJack ou encore Ghost’n’Goblins. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi+Lazarus+Free Pascal.

– DSP Emulator 0.18WIP. Win32 binary and source updated.
After some health problems (visit to the hospital included), I publish a new WIP update

+Slapstic: Added Atari Protection device
+Pokey: Added the function to define ALL_POT call
+Improved column scroll function
+Added a specific function for shadow sprites
-Gameboy / Gameboy Color
+Improved video timmings
+Corrected colors in GBC
+Fixed some control bits (Serial, IRQ, Joystick, etc.)
+Corrected the function that compares line Y
+Fixed HDMA functions in GBC
+Improved HU-C1 and MMMM01 mappers
-Food Fight
+Added default NVRAM load
+Correct the size and data type of the NVRAM
-Sega System 1/2
+Fixed Z80 timmigs
+Added DIPs to all games and 2nd player
+Improved sound IRQs
-Mappy HW
+Super Pacman: Fixed sprites
-Tetris (Atari)
+Added driver with sound
+Ikari Warriors: Added driver with sound
+Athena: Added driver with sound
+T.N.K III: Added driver with sound


Télécharger DSP (x86) v0.18 WIP (1.2 Mo)

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