Applewin est un excellent émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows et développé par Tom Charlesworth. Applewin est basé sur la version originale 1.10.4 d’Oliver Schmidt.

[Bug #488] New -fs-height= switch to select a better resolution for full-screen mode.
best: picks the highest resolution where the height is an integer multiple of (192*2)
nnnn: select a specific resolution with height=nnnn pixels
NB. This switch changes the display resolution (and restores it on exit).
[Bug #428] Input option to use PC Joystick 1 Thumbstick 2 for emulated Joystick 2
Swapping disks while a drive is on now warns and prompts if you still wish to do this instead of silently failing with no feedback.
[Bug #323] Skip hard disk boot by holding down the Open-Apple key during an Apple II restart
[PR #441] Update zlib to latest version 1.2.11


[Bug #499] Flush current track (if dirty) before ‘Send to CiderPress’
[Bug #496] Support polling of Mockingboard’s & Phasor’s 6522 IFR.Timer1
[Bug #492] UI fixes for full-screen & 2x windowed-mode
[Bug #486] Peripheral card’s expansion ROM ($C800-CFFF, eg. SSC) wasn’t being correctly restored from a save-state
[Bug #464] Fix for full-screen: bottom line missing when vertical resolution is 768
[Bug #460] Debugger: F2 whilst debugger active will immediately stop the drive spinning (allowing disk swap)
[Bug #456] Fix strange speaker clicks when changing configuration – DirectSound wasn’t being uninitialised on a restart
[Bug #452] Fix for unmounted HD now gives « NO DEVICE CONNECTED » (before gave « I/O ERROR »)
[Bug #450] Persist debugger state across an F2 (reset machine state)
[Bug #445] Debugger: BPM cmd: Support trigger on stack access for BRK,JSR,PLn,PHn,RTI,RTS
[Bug #437] AppleWin.chm blocked from opening – delete the AppleWin.chm:Zone.Identifier ADS
[Bug #423] Full support for INTC8ROM soft switch (fixes transient a2audit.dsk & Bejeweled failures)
[Bug #418] Fix for slot-3 ROM not returning floating bus when Uthernet card is enabled
[Bug #417] Typos in Uthernet documentation
[Bug #415] Fix for not being able to select Pravets 82
[Bug #413] Save-state: bug when saving >9 RAMWorks III 64K banks
[Bug #409] Fix for AppleWorks 5.1 flickering when booting (latent bug from 2006!)
[Bug #405] Screen flicker in full-speed mode
[Bug #403] PrintScreen from Color TV or B&W TV video modes is missing top line
[Bug #392] Fixes for a2audit.dsk
Resulting in regressions in LC support for Gemstone Warriors (#395), Quark Catalyst V3 and BeagleWrite (#400).
[Bug #389] Disk’s write-protect detection mis-reporting when motor off
[Bug #387] Support for 40-track .nib files
[Bug #386] SSC:
Experimental support for 6551’s DTR, DCD and DSR bits via -modem switch
ie. -modem is shorthand for passing -dtr -dcd -dsr
Experimental support for 6551’s control bit: DTR via -dtr switch
Experimental support for 6551’s status bits: DCD and DSR via -dcd and -dsr switches
[Bug #383] « Enhanced disk speed » is very slow when debugger is active
[Bug #269] When stepping, ESC no longer exits back to debugger (use F7, Pause keys or Debugger button instead).
[Bug #250] Debugger: When MODE_STEPPING, fix issue with disk LEDs staying on
[Bug #217] Debugger G(o) command should use normal speed



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