Nouvelle version de YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) est un excellent émulateur tournant sous Windows.

– [NEW] G64 image support
– [NEW] export bitmaps to P4Shop graphic editor format
– [NEW] ted sound is now 16 bit
– [NEW] high pass filter on SID sound
– [NEW] sid setup recalls the last selected option
– [NEW] sound streaming engine rewritten (no more crackling)
– [FIX] 1551/IEC fake drive emulation mode bug found (Club-Infos load again)
– [FIX] no more occasional lockups on invalid TV signals
– [FIX] serial bus update bug fixed (almost all known 1541 turbos work now!)
– [FIX] cycle exact cursor blink counter
– [FIX] improved DMA (no more glitches in Legionnaire, Xcellor 8 and Thrust at last)
– [FIX] TAP save dialog bug fixed (again…)
– [FIX] various speed optimisations

Télécharger YAPE (Win9x) v1.0.4 (1,1 Mo)

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