Nouvelle version de VirtuaNES, un bon émulateur de NES dont voici les améliorations:

-Add file name representation in an emulation to a window title bar.
-Add starting and an option starting a launcher simultaneously.
-Add a quick load / save.
Note) Choose a slot directly, and there is load / save.
-Add a pallet edit function.
-Add a bank changing function to a turbo file.
-Add various graphics filter functions. (required MMX)
Note)2xSaI/Super2xSaI/SuperEagle/Scale2x is usable.

A supporting screen mode is referred to as follows.
| 8bpp 16bpp 24bpp 32bpp
2xSaI | No Yes No Yes
Super2xSaI | No Yes No Yes
SuperEagle | No Yes No Yes
Scale2x | No Yes No Yes

-Add the option that does Sleep of an option of « Sync drawing » in activity to
graphic setting DIALOG.
-Add the option that resolution except 4:3 can choose in a full screen.
-Add VS-Unisystem.
-Add automatic distinction of NTSC/PAL to a NSF player mode.
-Add Mapper12.

-Change internal surface drawing process.
Note) May be accelerate, and may become heavy.:)
-Change it so that there is monochromatic / background color modification in a
line unit.
Note) Because a pallet isn’t enough with a 8bit color, can’t reproduce a color precisely. Please use more than 16bit color if possible.
-Change an approach of interrupt handling.
-Change it to set a PAL mode automatically when a file name includes « (E) ».
-Change it so that a snapshot can make even PNG.
Note) Please choose it in Emulator setting DIALOG.
-Change it so that there is a multiple selection in a launcher list.
-Change it not to update a list after Folder setting of a launcher.
Note) Because a complement was able to save a list.

-Correct fault of action at the time of focus movement.
-Correct malfunction of a triangular wave.
-Correct a mapper in various ways.
-Correct the bug that isn’t saved after header editing with a launcher.
-When choosing file on WAVE recording / tape operation / movie and extension is omitted, correct so that extension may be attached.
-Correct other in various ways.

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