R. Belmont nous informe que de nouveaux bugs ont été fixé sur M1 :

Gaiapolis: some voices were unbalanced.
Jaleco Mega System 1: PCM was only in the left channel. Saint Dragon OST shows PCM should be in the center.
X-Men: FM/PCM balance wrong.
Air Buster: FM/PCM balance wrong.
Flower: tempo too fast
Marvel Land: US set has missing/incomplete songs vs. Japanese set. Added Japanese set.
Combatribes: PCM sounds missing.
Hachoo: tempo wrong, made match MAME.
Kitten Kaboodle/City Bomber: FM/PCM balance wrong.
Deco32: it was possible to clip (overload) briefly in some songs (dragngun #20).
Deco32: tempo was slightly too fast, desynced sequenced FM from PCM loops (rohga #7).

MAJ Update de la part de R. Belmont avec :

ESP Ra De and Guwange: some songs didn’t loop at the right places.

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