Un excellent émulateur Nintendo NES pour windows et linux.


– Now puNES is UTF-8 compatible.
– Now puNES is a NSF player.
– Added support for the mappers: 6, 27, 30, 35, 43, 123, 134, 151, 155, 162, 166, 167, 168, 187, 188, 190, 196, 197, 250, 252, 253, 254.
– Added support for the UNIF mappers: TF1201, TEK90, EH8813A, Sachen-8259A, 11160, G-146, 12-IN-1, 411120-C, T-262, BS-5, 8157, 830118C, 8237, 8237A, NTD-03, 42in1ResetSwitch, CNROM, Ghostbusters63in1, 64in1NoRepeat, 70in1, 70in1B, H2288, KOF97, 603-5052, CITYFIGHT, TFROM, BB, T-230, 43272, AC-08, KS7013B, SA-72008, MTECH01, UNIF FS304, SA-70037, YOKO, SA-9602B, CC-21, LH32, NovelDiamond9999999in1, SL1632, SA-72007, Sachen-8259B, SHERO, SuperHIK8in1, SMB2J, AX5705, Supervision16in1, SA-0036, GS-2004, GS-2013, KS7012, KS7037, KS7016, KS7017, LH10, KS7032, SC-127, RT-01, MASLIB, BOY, 8-IN-1, HP898F, 158B, 810544-C-A1, KS7031, DRAGONFIGHTER, Super24in1SC03, VRC7.
– Fixed mappers: 15, 45, 52, 60, 108, 116, 114, 121, 205, 219, MMC5, Tengen, Waixing.
– Implemented auto eject and auto insert of fds disks when you switch side (ALT+S) or change disk.
– Added support for multithreading in the xBRZ filter.
– Added the option to select the output audio device.
– Added « Fullscreen in window » options.
– Added « Start/Stop record WAV » to record audio.
– Added « Hide Zapper cursor » option.
– Added the Overclocking option.
– Added full support to XInput (Windows version). No more input lag and no more problem with any controller.
– Added full support to Vs. System.
– Eliminated the « Software » mode in OpenGL version.
– Eliminated dependency from the « autoconf-archive » package.
– Eliminated the Audio Low Quality option.
– Separate management of software filters and shader. Many shaders give different results depending on the filter used because they have been designed for an input image of 256 * 240 pixels.
– Separate management of the size of window and software filters.
– Rewrote the overscan management.
– Rewrote the input management and added support for SNES Mouse, Arkanoid Paddle and Oeka Kids Tablet.
– Eliminated a lot of unnecessary code.
– Fixed many many bugs and increased the accuracy of emulation.
– Added other options and features that I don’t remember now.

Un pack de shaders est disponible ici.

Télécharger puNES SDL (x86) v0.102 (8,9 Mo)

Télécharger puNES SDL (x64) v0.102 (9,3 Mo)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x86) v0.102 (8,9 Mo)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x64) v0.102 (9,5 Mo)

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